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Secure & safe and yours to tailor

Why Buy New?

Buying a brand new home is about choosing an architectural style, a floor plan and a specification that suits you, without compromise. Enjoy the exclusive ability to select a home before it has been built and shape the final outcome when you reserve off plan.

Buying brand new is about being the first. Relish the moment when you are handed the keys, take pleasure in the unmistakable ‘brand new’ smell and admire the finish, which will be immaculate and untouched.

Buying brand new is about cutting your carbon footprint by living in an energy efficient property. Reduce your fuel usage and lower your energy bills, thanks to first-class insulation and low-energy features

High style, low maintenance

A brand new home offers the enviable advantage of moving in and living in comfort from day one. With walls that are perfectly painted and plasterwork that’s pleasingly smooth, there is no need for time-consuming decorating or DIY. Don’t worry about wallpaper that needs removing or replacing rotten woodwork – a new home allows you to focus your free time on family and what matters most.

Buying brand new also makes heavy maintenance a thing of the past, thanks to all-new fixtures and fittings that are installed by master craftsmen and chosen for their durability. Take comfort in warranties that cover construction and performance, and be reassured that your home has been built to stringent structural standards.

Secure & safe

Feeling safe in your own home is of paramount importance and with a brand new property, you will benefit from the very latest security aspects. The advantages start from the outside in. Our designs can include secure off-street parking, carports and garaging, with planting, orientation and hard landscaping used to enhance privacy yet deter unwanted visitors. 

Every front door we install is reassuringly solid, with multi-point locking systems as standard. Also installed throughout are lockable windows and external doors, with extras such as sensor lighting, porches and pre-wiring for a security system frequent additions. Apartment collections will additionally utilise secure communal entrances.

Yours, to tailor

We take pleasure in working with buyers early in the design and build process, so they can truly influence the finish of their property, with an exciting choice of colours for kitchen cabinetry, wall and floor tiles, and interior finishes. The sales team will also be able to advise of any optional upgrades that are available for your new home.

Even buying a completed new home gives you a head start when it comes to interior styling. Take ownership of a flawless blank canvas and skip straight to the best bit - personalisation. There’s no need to remove someone else’s taste or decorating style. Instead, enjoy creating mood boards, collecting fabric samples and trying out paint tester pots, knowing you can make your own mark straight away.